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J.F. Frantz Gun Game Parts List, Page 2

Not all parts shown are in stock and only a few are included in the shopping cart system.
     To order, send an e-mail including the part number and quantity needed and we will respond with the stock status.
          Some parts ship at a higher rate. Shipping costs will be quoted at the same time as availability.

Part No. Description Price
F9600D-U Coin Chute - 10c (Used) 95.00
F9600N-U Coin Chute - 5c (Used) 95.00
F9600Q-U Coin Chute - 25c (Used) 95.00
F9600T-U Coin Chute - Token (Used) 95.00
F9610 Long Shoulder Bolt 4.00
F9610-U Long Shoulder Bolt (Used) 3.00
F9620 Adjustable Shoulder Bolt 4.00
F9620-U Adjustable Shoulder Bolt (Used) 3.00
F9630 Lock Washer .10
F9640 Nut .10
F9650 Cocking Bar Assembly 15.00
F9650-U Cocking Bar Assembly (Used) 10.00
F9660 C Clip .35
LK033 Lock, U.S. Marshal Type Machine 12.00 Click for Pic
LK033F Original Lock, U.S. Marshal Type Machine 17.00 Click for Pic
MT001 Metal Coin Tag, 1c 10.00 Click for Pic
MT005 Metal Coin Tag, 5c 20.00 Click for Pic
MT010 Metal Coin Tag, 10c 10.00 Click for Pic
MT025 Metal Coin Tag, 25c 10.00 Click for Pic
RF043 Rubber Caster for Back Leg Leveler 4.00
WD001 Front Door, Wood 20.00 Click for Pic
WD001-A Front Door, Wood with Lock 30.00 Click for Pic
WD002 Wood Rail Set, U S Marshal 65.00 Click for Pic

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