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J.F. Frantz Gun Game Parts List, Page 1

Not all parts shown are in stock and only a few are included in the shopping cart system.
     To order, send an e-mail including the part number and quantity needed and we will respond with the stock status.
          Some parts ship at a higher rate. Shipping costs will be quoted at the same time as availability.

Part No. Description Price
1562 Turret Plug 8.00 Click for Pic
1562-U Turret Plug (Used) 4.00 Click for Pic
2510 10-24 X 1/2" Headless Set Screw 1.00 Click for Pic
2510-U 10-24 X 1/2" Headless Set Screw (Used) 2.00 Click for Pic
4534 Steel Ball (Pistol) 0.50 Click for Pic
F1120 Skirt Nut 0.15
F1140 Wire Target Assembly - Bert 15.00
F1150 Wire Target Assembly - Pete 15.00
F1160 Wire Target Assembly - Dugan 15.00
F1170 Wire Target Assembly - Nick 15.00
F1180 Wire Target Assembly - Pedro 15.00
F1140-S Wire Target Assy Set - U S Marshal 65.00 Click for Pic
F1140-U Wire Target Assembly - Bert (Used) 10.00
F1150-U Wire Target Assembly - Pete (Used) 10.00
F1160-U Wire Target Assembly - Dugan (Used) 10.00
F1170-U Wire Target Assembly - Nick (Used) 10.00
F1180-U Wire Target Assembly - Pedro (Used) 10.00
F1190 Target Spring 6.00 Click for Pic
F1205 Score Decal - U S Marshal 8.00
F1230 Pulley Return Spring 6.00 Click for Pic
F1240 Painted Front - U S Marshal 65.00 Click for Pic
F1240-U Painted Front - U S Marshal (Used) 40.00
F1280 Front Casting - U S Marshal 95.00 Click for Pic
F1280-U Front Casting - U S Marshal (Used) 65.00
F1290 Front Casting Bolt .50
F1300 Target Reset Spring 6.00 Click for Pic
F1500 Leg Bolt Threaded Plate 6.00
F1500-U Leg Bolt Threaded Plate (Used) 3.00
F1520 Instruction Sheet 5.00
F1520-1 Instruction Sheet (Space Shot) 5.00
F1572 Thumb Screw 2.00
F1572-U Thumb Screw (Used) 3.00
F1620 Large Steel Coin Door 35.00 Click for Pic
F1620-A Large Steel Coin Door with Lock 45.00 Click for Pic
F1670 Target Reset Wire 8.00
F1680 Main Pan (Frantz) 95.00
F1680-U Main Pan (Frantz) (Used) 65.00
F1690 Main Pan Guard 15.00
F1690-U Main Pan Guard (Used) 8.00
F1700-S Guide Wire Set 10.00
F1700-S-U Guide Wire Set (Used) 6.00
F1720 Guide Wire Washer 0.10
F1730 Guide Wire Bolt 0.20
F1760 Plastic Front, U S Marshal 45.00
F1760G Glass Front, U S Marshal 85.00
F1761 Instruction Decal 6.00 Click for Pic
F1770 Front Rail, New Old Stock 65.00
F1770-U Front Rail (Used) 35.00
F1790 Coin Pan (Reproduction) 30.00 Click for Pic
F1790-U Coin Pan (Used) 20.00 Click for Pic
F1820 Leg Bolt 1.00
F1830 Back Leg Leveler 3.00
F1840 Rubber Foot 5.00
F1870 Skirt Bolt 0.60
F1880 Skirt Washer 0.10
F1890 Skirt Hardware Kit 12.00
F1900B Legs, NOS, Black Painted, Set of 4 150.00
F1900P Legs, Used, Grey Painted, Set of 4 120.00
F2140 Wire Target Assembly - #1 15.00
F2150 Wire Target Assembly - #2 15.00
F2160 Wire Target Assembly - #3 15.00
F2170 Wire Target Assembly - #4 15.00
F2180 Wire Target Assembly - #5 15.00
F2140-S Wire Target Assy Set - Target 65.00
F2230 Pulley Spring - Challenger 3.00
F2280 Front Casting - Challenger 85.00
F2280-U Front Casting - Challenger (Used) 50.00 Click for Pic
F3205 Score Decal - Space Shot 8.00
F3280 Front Casting - Space Shot 95.00 Click for Pic
F3280-U Front Casting - Space Shot (Used) 60.00
F3760 Plastic Dome, Space Shot, Jr Dep Sheriff 95.00 Click for Pic
F3910 Space Shot Barrel Shield 60.00 Click for Pic
F3910-U Space Shot Barrel Shield (Used) 40.00
F3920 Barrel Shield Rubber Ring (3 required) 2.00 Click for Pic
F3930 Barrel Shield Metal Holder 6.00 Click for Pic
F5280 Front Casting - Coke 145.00 Click for Pic
F5500 Top Marquee - Coke 85.00 Click for Pic
F5910 Coke Barrel Shield 85.00 Click for Pic
F8280 Front Casting - Pepsi 145.00 Click for Pic
F8500 Top Marquee - Pepsi (Original, Unpainted) 85.00 Click for Pic
F8500R Top Marquee - Pepsi (Reproduction, Painted) 65.00 Click for Pic
F8910 Pepsi Barrel Shield 85.00 Click for Pic
F9020 Firing Lever Spacer 4.00
F9020-U Firing Lever Spacer (Used) 3.00
F9120 Screw 6-32 x 1/4", w/Lock Washer 0.30
F9400-U Front Casting Complete (Used) 165.00
F9450 Turret Plug Retainer 3.00
F9450-U Turret Plug Retainer (Used) 2.00
F9470 Front Casting 60.00
F9470-U Front Casting (Used) 40.00
F9480 Turret Swivel Bracket Mount 6.00
F9480-U Turret Swivel Bracket Mount (Used) 4.00
F9490 Cabinet Mount Latch 4.00
F9490-U Cabinet Mount Latch (Used) 3.00
F9500-U Pistol Assembly, Refurbished 300.00
F9500T-U Pistol Assembly w/Front & Turret, Refurbished 425.00
F9500TN-U Pistol Assy w/Front, Turret & 5c Chute, Refrbshd 500.00
F9500TD-U Pistol Assy w/Front, Turret & 10c Chute, Refrbshd 500.00
F9500TQ-U Pistol Assy w/Front, Turret & 25c Chute, Refrbshd 500.00
F9510 Shoulder Bolt 4.00
F9510-U Shoulder Bolt (Used) 3.00
F9520 Spring Washer 1.00
F9520-U Spring Washer (Used) 0.60
F9540 Chute Spacer 8.00
F9540-U Chute Spacer (Used) 5.00
F9560 Coin Deflector 8.00
F9560-U Coin Deflector (Used) 5.00
F9570 Coin Chute Bolt 0.30
F9580 Chute Return Spring 10.00
F9580-U Chute Return Spring (Used) 6.00
F9590 Chute Return Spring Bracket 6.00
F9590-U Chute Return Spring Bracket (Used) 4.00

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