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Coin Entries & Acceptors:

Coin Entry Set Coin Entry Assembly
Brushed aluminum coin entry housing for drop coin applications. Will accommodate up to a 25c sized coin. Includes metal spring loaded coin release mechanism.

CS902   $12.00


Cast Coin Entry Small Cast Aluminum Coin Entry Plate
For drop coin applications.
Includes mounting hardware.

10c (Slot could be enlarged to accommodate larger coins.)

CS921   $12.00


Coin Acceptor New Mechanical Coin Acceptor
25c coin acceptor, face plate and bent coin return mechanism. Faceplate measures 2 9/16" by 4 7/8". Includes mounting hardware.

CT225   $34.95


Coin Acceptor Refurbished Mechanical Coin Acceptor
This coin acceptor can be adapted to 1c, 5c, 10c or 25c operation. Just pick the desired denomination from the drop down box. Includes a bent coin return mechanism and new coin switch. Faceplate measures 2" by 7 1/16". Includes mounting hardware.
Only one left!

CT326   $59.95


Coin Acceptor Refurbished Coin Acceptors
Also known as a coin rejector or a slug rejector.
All metal construction. Measures 3 1/2" across and 4" top to bottom.


CT001   $65.00



CT005   $45.00



CT010   $45.00



CT025   $25.00


.882 Token

CT088   $25.00


.900 Token

CT090   $25.00


$1 (SBA)

CT100   $25.00


$1 (Eisenhower $1 coin), for Bally slot machines

CT101   $25.00

We're sorry, this
item is sold out.

1 Euro

CT102   $25.00


Electronic Coin Acceptor New Electronic Coin Acceptor
Electronic coin acceptor. Simply insert the type of coin to be detected into the unit and it will pass that coin and reject all others. Requires 12V DC to operate. Measures 3 1/2" across and 4" top to bottom.

To view or print a copy of the manual for this product, click here.

CT201   $19.95