3 Jacks 3 Jacks

3 Jacks Penny Flip

From my private collection, here is a very nice 3 jacks machine. Insert a penny in the side slot and then flick it with your finger onto the playfield. If it falls into one of the three slots, turn the knob on the side to empty the jackpot. The jackpots automatically fill with coins that are not winners. This was one of the reproduction 3 jacks made, patterned after the original Field 3 jacks. Originally made for 10c operation, it was completely disassembled, the cabinet was fixed up and restained and sealed and was then converted to penny operation like the original. Looks great and works as it should.
Measures approximately 13" wide, 9" deep and 18" tall.

MA831 $495.00 SOLD


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