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Special Dealer Program for Decal Sales

We have set up a dealer program for a majority of the decals that we sell.
This is similar to what Barbara Larks did when she had her decal business.

Nearly 95% of the over 600 different decals that we sell are now on the program and more will be added as time goes on.

To see a list of the decals that are not included in the program, click here.

Basically it works like this. Get set up as a dealer by calling Roger toll free at 888-596-4992. Once set up, you order decals through the shopping cart as normal and as long as the discounted amount of your order is at least $100 (about $167 at retail prices) you will get a 40% discount.

Shipping is $2 per order by First Class Mail or $7 per order by Priority Mail, whichever you set up in the dealer agreement. Pretty simple.

Call if you have questions, or e-mail me; Roger@CrowRiver.com