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Bowling Queen Pinball Clock:

Bowling Queen
An existing head with a bowling theme was used to create a pinball clock using a Bowling Queen glass and back box.

Back Panel
The circuit board, transformer, power supply, chimes and other parts were attached to a plywood board cut in the wedge head shape.
The power supply is set to 5.5V to run the general illumination lamps. The main transformer is for the reels and animation solenoids.
A battery back-up retains the time in case of a power outage.

Inside Head
Parts on the inside of the head that were not required were removed to make room for the electronics. One of the existing pin and plug sets was used to connect the two.

Switch Access
The time is set through the opening in the bottom of the head. The switch on the left is used to put the head in the sleep mode.

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