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Pinball Clock:



Now you can take your favorite pinball backglass and make it into a functioning digital clock using original, unmodified, pinball score reels!

Hang it on the wall in your office, garage or game room for a truly unique item that will continue to amaze your friends for years to come.

Circuit Board The Motorola microprocessor automatically keeps track of the time of day and adjusts the score reels every minute to keep the display up to date.

You can also add a wireless remote control to turn off the display
at night, or whenever you choose, automatically reseting the reels to the correct time when reactivated from the sleep mode.

Choose standard or military time with a flick of a switch.

Your clock cabinet can be an original pinball head or a copy of the classic wedge head design.

If your favorite glass is a classic 3 reel wedge head,
no problem.
Your clock can be set up to use
the 1,000 light as the 10s of hours digit.

You can also use existing head animation
devices to add extra action to your clock.

Have a ball kick up every five minutes
and dump all of them on the hour!

Bowling Queen

Open the subway doors.
Kick the cowboy.
Have the monkey ring the bell.
The sky is the limit!

You can use authentic pinball chimes or 60s style bells if you like.
Turn them on and off with the wireless remote control.

All the parts that you need to build your clock have been sourced and free technical advice on how to build your clock is available by phone or e-mail with your parts purchase.

To see the parts that are available, with prices, click here.

To see a sample clock made from an existing pinball head, click here.