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A.B.T. Countertop Gun Game Parts List, Page 1

Not all parts shown are in stock and only a few are included in the shopping cart system.
     To order, send an e-mail including the part number and quantity needed and we will respond with the stock status.
          Some parts ship at a higher rate. Shipping costs will be quoted at the same time as availability.

Part No. Description Price
103 Big Game Hunter Marquee (Repro.) 75.00
103-U Big Game Hunter Marquee (Original) 150.00
104 Big Game Hunter Score Front (Repro.) 45.00
104-U Big Game Hunter Score Front (Original) 65.00
1205 Round Push On Tinnerman Nut .20 Click for Pic
1562 Turret Plug 8.00 Click for Pic
1562-U Turret Plug (Used) 4.00 Click for Pic
2510 10-24 X 1/2" Headless Set Screw 1.00 Click for Pic
2510-U 10-24 X 1/2" Headless Set Screw (Used) 2.00 Click for Pic
2649 Turret Clamp Screw 0.20
2800 Wing Nut .25 Click for Pic
3091 Flag Spring 6.00 Click for Pic
3115 Turret Clamp Spring 6.00
3191 Model F Main Spring40.00 Click for Pic
3192-U Short Safety Spring (Used)12.00
3234 Wing Nut Lock Spring 6.00 Click for Pic
3315 Safety Spring 20.00 Click for Pic
3315-U Safety Spring (Used) 12.00 Click for Pic
361 Deco Handle 35.00
361-U Deco Handle (Used) 45.00
3704 Top Glass, Countertop Games 45.00
3704-1 Top Glass, Tempered 85.00
3704-U Top Glass, Original (Used) 55.00
3707 Sight Glass (for B-538-A) 2.00
3770 Window Glass (Challenger) 8.00
3771 Screened Glass, Challenger 45.00 Click for Pic
3771-1 Screened Glass, Target Skill 45.00 Click for Pic
3771-2 Screened Glass, Skill Gun 45.00 Click for Pic
3771-3 Screened Glass, Strike-A-Lite 45.00 Click for Pic
3825 Back Door (Reproduction) 55.00 Click for Pic
3825T Back Door, Tall Version (Reproduction) 55.00 Click for Pic
3825-1 Back Door, Early Oak Games (Reproduction) 75.00 Click for Pic
4135-1 Cabinet Base, Solid Wood 75.00
430 Model A Marquee (Reproduction) 75.00
430-U Model A Marquee (Original) 150.00
432-U Model A Score Plate (Original) 65.00
435-U Model F Score Plate (Original) 45.00
440 Model F Front Plate (Reproduction) 75.00
440-U Model F Front Plate (Used) 95.00
4408-1 Reel Strip Set, Large, Animals 30.00 Click for Pic
4411-1 Reel Strip Set, Large, Cigarettes 30.00 Click for Pic
4414-1 Reel Strip Set, Large, Red, White & Blue 30.00 Click for Pic
4505 Lock for A.B.T. Countertop Gun Game 12.00 Click for Pic
4521 Rubber Channel 6.00
4534 Steel Ball (Pistol) 0.50 Click for Pic
4659 Brass Ball 9/16" Dia. (Target) 2.50 Click for Pic
4659-U Copper Ball 9/16" Dia. (Target) (Used) 1.50 Click for Pic
520-B-U Pistol Assy w/Coin Intake (1c or 5c), Refurbished 350.00
520-C-U Pistol Assy w/Push Lever (1c or 5c), Refurbished 400.00
531 Turret Clamp (Reproduction) 6.00
8 Ball Receiver 25.00 Click for Pic
8-U Ball Receiver (Used) 15.00 Click for Pic
B-106 Modern Handle, NOS 35.00 Click for Pic
B-106-U Modern Handle (Used) 20.00 Click for Pic
B-1243-A Glass Clamp Assembly 45.00 Click for Pic
B-1243-A-U Glass Clamp Assembly (Used) 25.00 Click for Pic
B-1253 Swivel Indicator 6.00 Click for Pic
B-1253-U Swivel Indicator (Used) 4.00 Click for Pic
B-1257 Target Plate 25.00 Click for Pic
B-1257-U Target Plate (Used) 15.00 Click for Pic
B-1267-A Turret Swivel Assembly 20.00 Click for Pic
B-1267-A-U Turret Swivel Assembly (Used) 12.00 Click for Pic
B-1268-U Front Plate Cover (Used) 20.00 Click for Pic
B-1270-U Main Pan (A.B.T.) (Used) 65.00
B-1270-1-U Main Pan (Model F) (Used) 75.00
B-1270-2-U Main Pan (Elec. Skill Gun) (Used) 85.00
B-1281 Side Strip Bracket 5.00 Click for Pic
B-1281-U Side Strip Bracket (Used) 3.00 Click for Pic
B-1281-A Target Plate Assembly 30.00 Click for Pic
B-1281-A-U Target Plate Assembly (Used) 20.00 Click for Pic
B-1453-U Spring Guard (Used) 6.00 Click for Pic
B-15 Waggon Box Rivet 3.00 Click for Pic
B-15-U Waggon Box Rivet (Used) 1.00 Click for Pic
B-1546 Taper Pin for Deco Handle 2.00
B-1546-1 Taper Pin for Modern Handle 2.00 Click for Pic
B-17 Glass Clamp Screw 0.20 Click for Pic
B-17-U Glass Clamp Screw (Used) 0.20 Click for Pic
B-1781-A Hold Down Rod Assembly, NOS 18.00 Click for Pic
B-1781-A-U Hold Down Rod Assembly (Used) 12.00 Click for Pic
B-18 Challenger Head w/ Glass, Metal (Reproduction) 65.00
B-18-U Challenger Head w/ Glass, Metal (Used) 65.00
B-18-A-U Challenger Head (Early Style) w/ Glass, Metal (Used) 65.00
B-19 Challenger Head, No Hardware, Plastic, NOS 60.00 Click for Pic
B-19-A Challenger Head Assy., with Glass Mounting Hardware 65.00 Click for Pic
B-538-A-U Sight Plate Assembly (Used) 12.00 Click for Pic
B-7 Gun Turret 45.00 Click for Pic
B-7-U Gun Turret (Used) 30.00 Click for Pic
B-7-A Gun Turret Assembly 80.00 Click for Pic
B-7-A-U Gun Turret Assembly (Used) 50.00
B-7-A-1 Gun Turret Assembly, Early Game 70.00
B-7-A-1-U Gun Turret Assembly, Early Game (Used) 45.00
B-820-1 Score Reel Spring (Model F) 15.00
B-848-A-U Coin Divider Box, A.B.T. Gun Game 20.00
C-730-U Shield (Used) 12.00 Click for Pic

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