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A.B.T. Gun Parts List, Page 2

Not all parts shown are in stock and none are included in the shopping cart system.
     To order, send an e-mail including the part number and quantity needed and we will respond with the stock status.
          Some parts ship at a higher rate. Shipping costs will be quoted at the same time as availability.

Part No. Description Price
B-832 Gun Operating Lever 15.00 Click for Pic
B-832-U Gun Operating Lever (Used) 10.00 Click for Pic
B-833-1-U Gun Operating Lvr Assy (Early) (Used) 25.00 Click for Pic
B-833-A Gun Operating Lever Assembly (A.B.T.) 45.00 Click for Pic
B-833-A-U Gun Operating Lvr Assy (A.B.T.) (Used) 35.00 Click for Pic
B-902 10 Shot Adj. Timing Rack Stop 5.00 Click for Pic
B-902-U 10 Shot Adj. Timing Rack Stop (Used) 3.00 Click for Pic
B-910-A Firing Lever Assembly 75.00 Click for Pic
B-910-A-U Firing Lever Assembly (Used) 45.00 Click for Pic
B-944 Coin Release Lever 5.00 Click for Pic
B-944-U Coin Release Lever (Used) 3.00 Click for Pic
B-955 1c Inlay 5.00 Click for Pic
B-955-U 1c Inlay (Used) 3.00 Click for Pic
F9020 Firing Lever Spacer 4.00
F9020-U Firing Lever Spacer (Used) 3.00
F9180-U Gun Plate (Right Side) (Frantz) (Used) 25.00
F9340 Gun Oper. Lever Assy. (Frantz) 25.00
F9340-U Gun Oper. Lever Assy. (Frantz) (Used) 15.00
F9350-U Gun Plate (Left Side) (Frantz) (Used) 25.00
F9500-U Pistol Assembly, Refurbished 300.00

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